Join us on Friday, Nov. 18th! Rally & Friday Prayer at Foley Square to Stop NYPD/CIA Repression of Muslim Communities!

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Summary of Revelations by Associated Press

  • NYPD had a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic “Demographics Unit” which participated in a “human mapping program” that covertly surveils Muslims in New York and the tri-state area
  • Modeled on how Israeli authorities operate in the West Bank
  • Produced an analytical report on every one of the 250 mosques within 100 miles of NYC (classifying by “ethnic orientation, leadership, and group affiliations”), and placed undercover officers and informants in many of them
  • Monitoring most of the Islamic schools (including surveillance of children!!!)
  • Used undercover officers and informants from within our communities (Pakistani-American officers in Pakistani neighborhoods, and Palestinians-American officers in Palestinian neighborhoods, etc.)
  • Monitoring local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hookah lounges, bookstores, beauty supply stores, internet cafes, and nightclubs, and making complete lists of them
  • Spy on communities from a list of 28 (Muslim) countries that, along with “American Black Muslim”
  • Undercovers and Informants listening to sermons in masajid
  • Targeting taxi drivers and street vendors (Making lists, or harassing them to pressure them to become informants)
  • Keeping tabs on university-based Muslim student associations
  • Monitoring of prominent Muslim leaders and masajid/schools even as they decried terrorism, cooperated with the police, and met with Mayor Michael Bloomberg
  • Present in prisons, and promise better living conditions and help or money on the outside in return for cooperating
  • Monitoring of Muslims who change their names (From American to Muslim, or Muslim to American names), with comprehensive background checks that include reviewing travel records, criminal histories, business licenses and immigration documents
  • The reports confirm exactly what many communities, organizations, and leaders have been saying for years, and this whole time NYPD lied to, denied, or dismissed our communities’ voices and concerns

What community leaders and members should know

  • Many other communities, journalists, and activists are surprised that Muslim communities are not speaking out against these tactics
  • There is no masjid, no school, no leader that is not being monitored. Regardless of how much they meet with the NYPD or FBI or make friends with them
  • The NYPD and FBI like being able to meet with community leaders because it makes it seem like whatever they are doing is alright with Muslim communities
  • The NYPD/FBI like to target young people (Ages 18-28), those with mental health problems, those that are not very smart, or substance abuse problems
  • There is a long history of such kinds of policies in Black, Latino, Native American, and political communities in this country. We cannot understand our problems unless we learn from other communities histories
  • In the past, and even now, there are not many options to change things from within the laws. If we want to change things, our communities have to be active and involved in speaking out (not just “leaders,” “experts,” or lawyers). It is the only way change has happened in this country. The responsibility is in the community’s hands
  • We need everyone to go to Foley Square on November 18th, for the sake of our communities, and our future.
  • If our communities do not stand up for our rights today, our children will not have a future in this country or this city

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When Muslims Are Bullied

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